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Product Name Product NO. 描述 Scope
  AP AW anti-wear hydraulic oil AW32/46/68/100 This series of products using high-quality refined mineral oils, import antiwear agent, anti rust agent, antifoaming agent, anti emulsifying agent and other additives, this product has excellent abrasion resistance, It is widely used in the hydraulic system of the mechanical equipment, such as injection molding machine, blow molding machine, die-casting machine, oil press and so on.
  AP AW premium anti-wear hydraulic oil AWS15/22/32/46/68/100 AP AWS super antiwear hydraulic oil products imported two times with three kinds of nitrogen refining base oil, adding the import antiwear agent, anti rust agent, antioxidant, anti foaming agent This series of products is mainly applied to high temperature, high pressure and high power hydraulic system. It is widely used in large injection molding machine, molding machine, die-casting machine, high tonnage punch press, steel making equipment and other hydraulic systems. It can be applied to vane pump, gear pump and plunger pump at the same time.Product characteristicsGood wear resistance, reduce wear of hydraulic components of the hydraulic system has longer service life; oxidation stability and excellent thermal stability, the hydraulic oil has a longer cycle; anti rust and good anti-corrosion properties, effects of the hydraulic components from corrosion; excellent defoaming and anti emulsification, the can quickly remove air bubbles and water separation. Ensure the normal working of the hydraulic system; the air release and cleaning ability, timely elimination of air and maintain long-term clean hydraulic system.
  AP DN jack special hydraulic oil DN22 AP this series of products use the international high quality two hydrogenation base oil, adding German BAYER antiwear agent, antirust agent, antifoaming agent, antirust agent and so on. This product is suitable for all kinds of Jack and small hydraulic lifting equipment and hydraulic transmission machine.Product characteristicsAbrasion resistance, good abrasion; good oxidation stability, rust and corrosion resistance, prolong the service life of the equipment; good low-temperature performance, ensure the reliability of winter outdoor work; good rubber sealing material adaptability, effective protection, prevent leakage, keep the hydraulic system pressure stability.
  AP EMF flammable hydraulic oil EMF46/68 AP EMF series is a new generation of flammable hydraulic oil, which is made from special structure synthetic oil as the base oil and added with many additives, such as anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-wear. AP EMF is suitable for the hydraulic system of continuous casting production line in iron and steel industry, such as hydraulic system and blast furnace, dismantle machine, hot rolling mill, foundry, ladle valve, power station, coal mine and so on. It can replace water one glycol and phosphate vinegar type anti combustion hydraulic oil. Use temperature range: -20 C ~+200 CProduct characteristicsHas good performance at low temperature, low pour point, high flash point, high viscosity index; excellent fireproof performance, reduce fire hazards, ensure safe working environment; excellent anti-wear performance, can effectively prevent and reduce the wear of the hydraulic pump. Extend the service life of the hydraulic system, good material adaptability and rust protection, anti-corrosion performance, excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability, prevent oil from oxidation at high temperature. Prolong the oil exchange cycle; the product itself can be biodegradable, nontoxic and environmentally friendly.
  AP HDE clean filtered hydraulic oil HDE22/3237/46//68 AP HDE cleaning and filtering hydraulic oil is made up of three kinds of pure base oil with unique molecular distribution. It is made up of nano scale antiwear agents, antisyrifiers, rust inhibitors, anti foaming agents, This series of products is especially suitable for highly automated hydraulic devices equipped with precise hydraulic components, such as electro hydraulic servo valves, digital valves and proportional valves, which are strictly required for cleanliness. It is widely used in industrial precision hydraulic system and Ji Ji control system, aerospace test stand, automatic navigation system, tank boosting hydraulic system and other aviation and military machinery.Product characteristicsExcellent anti-wear properties: special anti-wear additives can greatly reduce the wear of the metal surface, and can effectively prevent damage to the metal surface and wear corrosion particles sealed; excellent anti corrosion performance in corrosion test, corrosion prevention performance shows very effective; excellent water separation properties: effectively prevent the formation of oil-water emulsion, to prevent the hydraulic system and pump damage; excellent compatibility with all use usually sealing materials and paint compatibility; excellent cleanliness: oil cleanliness above the NAS7 level. Greatly reduce the tiny particles in oil, reduce the abrasion and wear of hydraulic system.
  AP HF high viscosity index hydraulic oil HF32/46/68/100 High viscosity index AP HF high viscosity hydraulic oil by SK's unique production patent depth hydroisodewaxing process ((VHVI) U ASE on base oil ah, containing oxygen, anti-wear, anti rust and corrosion protection, a variety of additives This series of products is mainly applied to the medium and high pressure hydraulic systems for mining, engineering, building, rolling and other mechanical operations in cold area, open-air operation or frequent air temperature changes. The blade pumps and plunger pumps of different friction pairs are applicable.Product characteristicsExtremely low pour point to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system of outdoor work in the cold season still; high viscosity index, high and low temperature performance of hydraulic oil to ensure excellent; outstanding anti emulsifying properties and hydrolytic stability. With less water to ensure the separation of the hydraulic system work normally; the outstanding antioxidant properties the hydraulic oil has a longer cycle; pure outstanding ability. It will keep the hydraulic system clean and bright for a long time.
  AP PQS synthetic hydraulic oil PQS22/32/46/68 AP PQS series synthetic hydraulic oil is made up of imported top synthetic base oil, adding excellent additives, such as antiwear agent, antioxidant, rust inhibitor, anti foaming agent, anti emulsifier and so on. This series of products use dry low temperature and environmental protection food processing machinery hydraulic device lubrication, and high temperature, high pressure and sediment sensitive industrial precision hydraulic system. It is mainly used in the packaging machinery of food packaging machinery, food canning production line, food oven, refrigerated equipment and cosmetics. Product characteristics This series of products for the new environmental protection hydraulic oil of high technology, excellent quality and wide range of temperature, shear stability, low temperature performance is controllable, the high pressure vane, piston and gear pump has good anti-wear protective powder, at the same time, with oil, hydraulic components and long service life, to provide the best protection for the equipment. Can reduce the maintenance cost and product handling.
  AP SFC fire-resistant hydraulic oil SFC40/50 This product is composed of water and ethylene glycol based liquid, combined with a variety of additives, such as anti oxygen, antirust and anti foam. It is water one glycol type anti 0 hydraulic oil. It has a high viscosity index This product is widely used in the hydraulic system operating under the open fire, and becomes an important anti combustion hydraulic medium. Mainly applicable to iron and steel, coal, light industry, chemical industry, machinery processing, plastic processing industry to fire hydraulic system, such as: coking furnace door, coke, die casting machine, extrusion machine, furnace top bell, converter hood lifting mechanism, forging machine, electric furnace cover, tilting mechanism, casting machine, steel sliding gate, continuous casting machine, hot rail machine, welding robot, plastic extrusion machine, automatic welding jig, surface plating machine, glass molding machine etc..