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Product NO. Instructions Product Description Product Features
  AP MQ68 Temperature: room temperature (30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃) Concentration: 3% ~ 6% concentration control: measured b MQ68 leveling liquid is mainly composed of organic water-soluble antirust agent, lubricant, cleaning agent and wetting agent, without sodium nitrite. It is applied to the wet leveling process of cold rolled sheet plant. ● cooling, including selected wetting agent, product spreading is good.● steel high cleanliness, cleaning is excellent, can remove board surface contaminants, the best surface cleanliness.● anti-corrosion, rust-proof excellent.
  AP MR720 MR720 for high-speed cold rolling mill thickness of 0.2mm or more sheet, or low-reversible cold-roll Mr720 rolled steel sheet using the latest technology developed from a new generation of high-performance rolling solution. Mainly used for cold-rolled stainless steel, tin plate, using a variety of high-performance ● excellent rolling surface● surface annealing without leaving stains● In the high rolling speed, still have a larger reduction.● Long-term emulsion life, performance remained stable● Emulsion remains stable at high temperatures● excellent anti-corrosion rust
  AP RM710 According to the deformation rate and the different materials of steel plate, the control concentrat For a variety of steel rolling process. Using synthetic esters, highly effective extreme pressure agents, emulsifiers and antioxidants refined. ● Excellent lubricity, a large number of synthetic esters to provide good lubricity, the rolling quality has been greatly improved.● Excellent economy, easy to control the concentration of the molten liquid during use, so that the cost of the rolling process is greatly reduced.● High rolling speed can be achieved. With imported anti-wear additive and surfactant, the rolling liquid can rapidly expand at the contact area of deformation zone. At the same time, excellent lubricity, extended roll life, but also reduces the deposition of iron powder in the rolling plate.● high surface cleanliness, the rolling fluid using a special synthetic ester and a new type of annealing accelerator, so as to avoid carbon residue margin.