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  CASTON 306 IS The use of the latest chemical technology to make the product more easy to wet mold, to achieve very excellent release and lubrication effect. It has excellent performance for large size die casting, such as gearbox shell, mechanical and electrical product shell mold release. It will not affect the adhesion of the coating on the casting work. It has high stability and no harm to the environment. It can be applied to the situation that the range of temperature change is large and the sintering and accumulation of the mould surface will not be produced. Packaging specifications: 20L, 200L barreled
  CASTON 90AZ This product is the use of long chain alkyl aluminum die-casting mould release lubricant composition, aqueous wax, high temperature and high polymer emulsion and coupling agent into the. In particular, it has good effect on the small and medium sized and thin wall die casting parts. Can take away more heat release agent, has a good effect on the control of the mold temperature, improve the mold quality, no carbon residue, the product surface no wave, good metallic luster. No petroleum products, mainly components that have no impact on the environment, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection. Packaging specifications: 20L, 200L barreled
  CASTON NMF It is a high performance die casting lubricant with long chain alkyl compounds, water waxes, connecting agents and different polymers. This product in the insulation, demoulding, lubrication and prevent sintering, coating thin effect excellent performance obvious to people but also improve the casting, tensile strength, extension and reduction of porosity produced. Application: magnesium alloy and zinc alloy.Demand precision die casting technology, electronic digital products, IT product shell, home appliance computer shell, thin wall and light die-casting products. Easy to clean, good after coating and processing. Packaging specifications: 20L, 200L barreled
  AP MQ68 ● cooling, including selected wetting agent, product spreading is good.● steel high cleanliness, cleaning is excellent, can remove board surface contaminants, the best surface cleanliness.● anti-corrosion, rust-proof excellent.
  AP MR720 ● excellent rolling surface● surface annealing without leaving stains● In the high rolling speed, still have a larger reduction.● Long-term emulsion life, performance remained stable● Emulsion remains stable at high temperatures● excellent anti-corrosion rust
  AP RM710 ● Excellent lubricity, a large number of synthetic esters to provide good lubricity, the rolling quality has been greatly improved.● Excellent economy, easy to control the concentration of the molten liquid during use, so that the cost of the rolling process is greatly reduced.● High rolling speed can be achieved. With imported anti-wear additive and surfactant, the rolling liquid can rapidly expand at the contact area of deformation zone. At the same time, excellent lubricity, extended roll life, but also reduces the deposition of iron powder in the rolling plate.● high surface cleanliness, the rolling fluid using a special synthetic ester and a new type of annealing accelerator, so as to avoid carbon residue margin.
  CASTING DW9500 forging release agent (non-environmental non-graphite) For small and medium-sized aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal forging extrusion processing, forging processing dedicated environmental release agent emulsion. Evenly sprayed on the upper and lower surfaces of the metal mold cavity, the film is transparent after drying, after the forging, the mold has no buildup of carbon deposits or dust, the product is completely water-soluble, the mold release property is good, the lubricating property is excellent, Trace drawing phenomenon, the appearance of a complete and beautiful appearance, to extend the life of forging die, rust-proof good, improve the product forging quality and yield. Smoke-free, tasteless, non-toxic, very environmentally friendly, harmless to the skin or human body, there is no risk of fire and smoke and dust. Suitable for operating temperature range 100 ℃ -750 ℃.
  CASTING FS 600 forging release agent (water-based graphite) The product is water based semi colloid dispersed graphite with good demoulding and lubricating properties. Its sticky graphite film can ensure that the hot metal surface is completely wetted, and has good dispersibility in water. It can perfectly integrate the operation advantages of mold lubricant and the cleanliness and safety of water-based lubricants. It can be widely used in various operating conditions, such as temperature, steel, aluminum and wrought iron brass forging operation. FS600 also has high stability and high efficiency filling flow, which can play the dual role of dynamic lubrication and boundary lubrication. The operating temperature range is 300 -1350 C. Packaging specifications: 20KG/ barrel, 220KG/ barreled
  CASTING FS 631 forging release agent (water-based graphite) This product is soluble in water with graphite hot forging, warm forging, forging demoulding agent, has excellent wetting properties to ensure the formation of a uniform coating on the surface of the mould, fine graphite products containing colloidal nanoparticles, high temperature resistant, demoulding effect is excellent, and can maintain the mold temperature, flow of hot metal in the mold improve the variety of different shapes, different sizes, different weight of metal parts can be produced; this product is water-based, diluted with water, using a range of 25-40 times, with a good economy, suitable for various non-ferrous metals, iron and steel, alloy and complex production and automation forging production process. The operating temperature range is 300 -1350 C. Packaging specifications: 20KG/ barrel, 220KG/ barreled
  CASTING FS 645 forging release agent (water-based graphite) The high concentration aqueous release agent containing graphite for wrought copper, Aluminum Alloy, steel and other metal hot forging, excellent wetting properties, can ensure the formation of a uniform coating on the surface of the mould, products containing colloidal graphite particles, the stripping effect is excellent, reduce the high dilution ratio, 40 times the cost, and can keep the mold temperature stability. This product has no dust and odor. It solves the problem of metal mold demoulding when forging difficult and precise products. It has the function of improving the precision of forging products and prolonging the service life of metal mould. It is used for complex forging production and automatic production operation process, the operating temperature range is 300 -1350 C. Packaging specifications: 20KG/ barrel, 220KG/ barreled