Francool Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Job Offers

Shenzhen undertakings Recruitment Information:

Date of release: August 31, 2017

System Commissioner: (working place: Shenzhen)

1, college or above, proficient in all kinds of quality system management, such as ISO9000, IS1400, SA8000, QC080000;
2. The program documents can be compiled independently, and the internal audit work and management review can be organized.
3, at least three years of relevant work experience, there is a certificate of internal audit;
4, the character is bright, has the responsibility, is good at communicating.

Mechanical Engineer: (working: Shenzhen)

1, major in machinery, college or above;
2 or 3 years experience in mechanical structure design, with a solid foundation of mechanical design;
3, familiar with the commonly used CAD, UG, Solidworks and other software;
4. It has the ability to respond to challenging and assault tasks at any time.
5, good comprehensive quality, professional ethics, team cooperation spirit and so on.

Post duties

1. Make the product structure plan and design the structure of the product.
2, it is responsible for communication with customers of technical problems, technical points of orders, special needs and so on.
3. Familiar with the structure manufacturing process.

QC: (working: Shenzhen)

Recruitment requirements:

1. With IPQC or FQC working experience for more than 1 years, calipers and two - dimensional measurement tools will be used.
2, understand the quality quality management process, can understand the basic drawings;
3, strong responsibility, careful. Resume delivery address:

Miss Zeng: +86-13826575901

Jiangsu Francool Recruitment Information

Date of release: August 31, 2017
Working place: Kunshan, Jiangsu
The environmental engineer asked for a request:
Environmental engineering, bachelor degree, 3~5 years related work experience.
There are more than C1 driving license and more than 1 years of driving experience.

Job content:

1. combined with the existing data of customer wastewater samples and our chemical engineer testing data;
2. do engineering analysis and plan and plan quotation;
3. can do field investigation and communicate with customers.
4. other matters to be replaced by the supervisor

Miss Zhou: 0512-50338728
Company address: Kunshan City, Zhenkang City Road No. 133 weeks