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Electric power

Transformer oil: It is a kind of fractionation product of petroleum. Its main components are alkane, cycloalkane saturated hydrocarbon, aromatic unsaturated hydrocarbon and other compounds. Commonly known as square shed oil, light yellow transparent liquid, the relative density of 0.895. Freezing point <-45 ℃.

Transformer oil is a kind of mineral oil obtained from distillation and refinement of natural oil. It is a kind of mineral oil obtained by acid-base refining treatment of the lubricating oil fraction in petroleum to obtain pure and stable liquid with low viscosity, good insulation and good cooling property. Compound mixture. Commonly known as square shed oil, light yellow transparent liquid.

Transformer is an important power transmission equipment, once there is a problem, the loss is serious, so the power industry on the operation of the transformer their particular attention. Transformer oil in the transformer, reactor, transformer mainly from the insulation, cooling and cooling to protect the role of insulating material, but if there arc in the above equipment, also play the role of arc; in the oil-filled casing mainly from the role of insulation In the oil switch, arc extinguishing and insulation effect.

Transformer oil as a transformer and other electrical equipment within the insulating medium in the distribution transformer both play an insulating role, but also play a cooling effect, therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the cycle to strengthen inspections, often listening to the running transformer sound, observe the oil level The level and color, found that the timely treatment of the problem is necessary to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment such as transformers, to maximize the reliability of power supply.

Transformer oil normal treatment

1. If you find the oil level is too low, will reduce the transformer insulation, then we must apply for power outages in a timely manner, adding a certain amount of qualified transformer oil, and added to the transformer oil pillow prescribed scale.

2. If you find oil spills, should apply for blackouts, deal with as soon as possible. First of all to find the causes of oil spills and oil spills, such as found from the upper end of the seepage should be fastened on the top circle of large screws; oil from the high and low pressure casing seepage, it should tighten the screws fixed porcelain sets; Seepage at the gear, it should open the gear cover, tighten the screws inside; insulation mat aging, it should be hanging core insulation pad replacement.

3. In accordance with the provisions of the State Grid Operation Rules, the commissioning of the distribution transformer oil must be 1 to 3 years to do a pressure test, and make a record for the future archive can be found, if the transformer oil can not meet the technical requirements, Should be filtered or replaced as soon as possible.

Transformer oil, also known as insulating oil refers to the mineral oil from the oil refining natural type mixture. Transformer oil is widely used in transformers and circuit breakers and other equipment, such as various types of transformers (power transformers, rectifier transformers, electric furnace transformers, test transformer I, mining transformers, grounding transformers, electric dust removal transformers, etc.) Current transformers, voltage transformers, voltage regulators, reactors, arc suppression coils, coupling capacitors, multi-oil circuit breakers, less oil circuit breakers, column oil circuit breakers, starting compensator capacitors, cables, Transformer oil is a flammable oil, it does not generally include synthetic oil, that is, does not include non-flammable oil and high fuel oil. Otherwise, there are polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and fluorinated oils, while high-ignition oils include silicone oil, alpha oil, beta oil, M oil, polyalphaolefins, dodecylbenzene, E oil, and gamma oil. Transformer oil ignition temperature is 165 ℃, while the tender point of high fuel oil are above 300 ℃, non-fuel will not fire. High flashpoint oil, also known as flame retardant oil, is mainly used in high ignition point oil-immersed transformers, fuel oil on-load tap-changers, capacitors, cables and other occasions. The non-fuel polychlorinated biphenyls carcinogenic toxic, has been banned, fluorine oil due to the high price less goods, rarely used. But now some manufacturers will be high fuel oil, also known as high ignition point transformer oil.

Insulating liquid is widely used in mineral oil system transformer oil. Transformer oil with its excellent electrical and thermal properties of physics used in electrical equipment, especially for oil-immersed transformers, has more than 100 years of history. In 1887, Thomson made the patent of transformer oil, which was called lubricating oil at that time. 1892 by the United States General Electric Company applied to transformers. Because of their large demand, large transformers need 50-60t each, superior quality and technical and economic indicators, making it enduring, always occupy the dominant position of the transformer liquid medium. The electrical strength of transformer oil, chemical composition and dielectric loss of good or bad, directly affect the insulation properties of the entire electrical equipment. Transformer oil flash point to reduce the temperature and the acid value of the increase is due to local overheating of electrical equipment caused by the oil decomposition. Transformer oil breakdown voltage reduction and dielectric loss increases, indicating the transformer damp. Therefore, the study of transformer oil properties and changes in the safe and reliable operation of electrical equipment is necessary.

Pure transformer oil electrical strength of 200 a 250kV / cm, 4-7 times higher than air. So use it for insulation can greatly reduce the size of the transformer. As paper and board are rich in raw materials, the price is cheaper, the mechanical strength is still good, and the electrical strength of the transformer oil is high. When the oil is broken down, the insulation can be restored without leaving a permanent discharge channel, so the transformer oil is obtained A wide range of applications. Transformer oil high dielectric strength, the main insulation in the electrical equipment for use, but also because of the larger than the heat capacity, it is also used as a cooling medium in the circuit breaker and on-load tap-changer and starting compensator for arc medium use and cooling Contact role. In high voltage cables, the oil acts as a filler and dip to remove the gas inside the cable and improve electrical strength. In oil-impregnated paper capacitors, the oil acts as a filler, dipper, and insulator to increase capacitance and dielectric strength. As the quenching strength depends mainly on the oil and gas mixture produced by the decomposition. This oil pressure reduction does not significantly reduce its ability to extinguish the arc, so less oil circuit breaker oil requirements can be lower than the oil used in the transformer requirements.