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Coal mine
Mining machinery lubricants Features:

(1) mining machinery, small tank volume; less installed in the amount of oil; the oil temperature is higher; the oil has better thermal stability and oxidation resistance

(2) The harsh environment of the mine requires that lubricating oil should have better antirust, anti-corrosion and anti-emulsification properties; when the lubricating oil is polluted, its performance will not change much; the sensitivity to pollution should be small

(3) Opencast Mine requires that the viscosity of lubricating oil should be small with the change of temperature. It is necessary to avoid the high temperature, the viscosity of oil is too low, the lubricating oil film can not be formed, and the viscosity is too high at low temperature.

(4) Machinery used in mines prone to fire and explosion requires the use of highly flame-retardant lubricants; fire-resistant liquids; do not use flammable mineral oils

(5) Requires lubricants to seal the adaptability better; to avoid seals damaged
Mining machinery oil

Gear oil

Mine gear lubrication on the gear oil requirements

① closed industrial gear oil

Appropriate viscosity

Extreme pressure

Thermal oxygen stability

Anti-rust anti-corrosion


Anti-emulsifying properties

② open industrial gear oil

 In addition to the above requirements in particular require good adhesion and water resistance

⑵ some mining machinery used gear oil

Shearer cutting unit gearbox

In extreme pressure gear oil

Dressing machine gear box

General industrial gear oil

Belt conveyor reducer

General industrial gear oil

In extreme pressure gear oil

Drilling machine walking part reducer

General industrial gear oil

Ball mill gearbox

General industrial gear oil

Hoist gearbox

General industrial gear oil

 2.Hydraulic support with concentrate (hydraulic fluid has rust, lubrication, cleaning and cooling effect, stable performance, no irritation to the human body, skin. Suitable for coal mine hydraulic support, machinery industry, metallurgy industry hydraulic system as the transmission medium .)

Fire-resistant liquid fire-resistant hydraulic oil