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Francool is a State-owned high-tech enterprise that engages in such fields as metal working fluid, automotive engine oil, automatic industrial equipment, and precision machining. Now we have 11 national invention patents and 11 wholly-owned subsidiaries and over 20 offices in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and other areas. Our management team members come from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Singapore, Japan and other countries and regions. By integrating global wisdom, we commit to serving China’s industry.


Up to now, Francool has been offering professional service to China’s metal processing customers for over 15 years. Besides, Francool is both a national high-tech enterprise and a high-tech enterprise of Shenzhen. Our business focuses on metal working fluid, new material processing fluid, environmental protection technology, intelligent industrial equipment, and precision metal working. Moreover, Francool is a leading provider of total solutions for metal and new material working fluid.


As early as 1997, Francool entered into a close strategic technological partnership with the additive laboratory of Germany and the UK. At the same time, our company commits to improving China’s metal precision machining technology by inputting a large number of talents continuously. As the metalworking technology has seen drastic and rapid development, stricter requirements on the performance of metal working fluid and the environmental protection property of metal working fluid have been put forward in the electronics, automobile, aviation and spaceflight industry. Targeting at the processing requirements of Chinese customers, the Francool research center in China has carried out elaborate division and in-depth development on the metal working fluid. By 2016, Francool has obtained ten patents for invention (Seven of them are undergoing substantive examination, and three have been authorized.), 11 utility model patents, one design patent, and two software copyrights. So far Francool has established three standard TUV research centers, the members of which include a great many elites from Germany, the UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions at home and abroad. All these allow our research strength to achieve great-leap-forward development.


Thanks to the rapid growth of China’s economy and the concerted efforts of our staff, Francool has achieved outstanding technological achievements and significant sales performance. In 2014, the market share of water-based cutting fluid ranked the first among Chinese brands. Besides, our research strength has ranked one of the first among the industrial oil brands worldwide.


Based on our high reputation from numerous customers in the metal processing realm and our rich experience and successful cases in the same industry, our company has been carrying out technical research in the oil-bearing waste water technology for over five years. By overcoming repeated technical obstacles, Francool took the lead in developing the oil-bearing waste water treatment system of vacuum distillation technology - OWS. The oil-bearing effluent treated by OWS can separate 90%’s clear distillate and 10%’s concentrated oil (can be recycled and extracted once again). This technology can reduce the factory’s wastewater quantity to 90% and bring about the zero emission of waste water (support over 95%’s types of oil-bearing effluent). As an initiator of industrial 4.0, Francool has vigorously developed the centralized supply system and automatic chip removal equipment, which may provide one-stop zero emission service for the metal processing workshop.


Because Francool has been paying high attention to independent research, we have many typical cases in the same realm. Upon Microtap’s professional test on our SYNCOOL10000i cutting fluid, the product’s technical parameters have outperformed our competitors for at least five years. In September 2016, the product obtained the national invention patent. In February 2016, Francool made persistent efforts in launching the brand-new high-end iCoolant cutting fluid series. Our unique environmental protection formula and outstanding lubricating property lead to redefining the standard for the water-soluble metalworking liquid. In May 2016, Francool worked with several domestic media, colleges, universities, and mainstream processing enterprises to propose and have established the cutting fluid standard for the 3C electronic industry.


Business concept: customer foremost, people foremost, technological innovation, continuous development; Corporate culture: dedication, shouldering responsibility, sharing and gratitude;