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Development mission

Provide customers with powerful technical support;
Provide more powerful technical support to industrial standard;
Provide employees with platform for realizing their dream;
Bring about stable and considerable economic return for investors;
Shoulder responsibility for the society and uphold caring about the environment and sustainable development;

Business concept

Customer foremost, people foremost, technological innovation, continuous development;

Corporate culture

Good faith is the basis for establishing a business. Stressing credit and keeping words are our principles for customers.
Our team members show mutual respect and mutual trust, pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone and stress solidarity and cooperation.
We shall offer advanced products and reasonable prices to our customers. At the same time, we shall pay more attention to excellent service and prospective total solutions in order to bring additional value to our customers.
We think it necessary to lay high stress on technological innovation and design concept, because only innovation can make our business vigorous and prosperous all the time.
For work, we advocate keeping study, drawing on others’ successful experience, and being bold in shouldering responsibility. It is team spirit that allows us to have powerful vitality. Pursuit of excellence and turning Francool into a leading brand of the industrial lubricating oil of the world are our long-term objective.

Our standard of behavior:

1. It is a must to respect individuals.
2. Customers are always right.
3. To be a study-oriented team will make us more and more outstanding.
4. Making mistake is allowable. But never make repeated mistakes or solve mistakes by mistaken method.
5. Stay true to the original pursuit and never give up easily.
6. Absolute implementation. There is no 100% perfect system, but there is 100%’s executive force.